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The Detailed description of Kyosho DF45 Jet Mirage, Blue

Kyosho’s many years of ducted fan design know-how combines with the latest brushless motor and lithium polymer battery technology to realize the true dream machine. With a width of just 520mm, the advanced precision ducted fan unit built into the fuselage produces about 270g of (basic) thrust. With a delta wing that generates excellent aerodynamics, realistic fighter plane performance is realized with the combined elevator and aileron control (elevon). In addition, the FRP fuselage and film covered balsa main wing, tail wing and canard (front wing) are almost completely pre-assembled. Only a few small assembly steps and servo linkage connection is required to get this delta-wing jet fighter airborne and ready for action. Required for operation R/C System/4-channel, 2-micro servo (with elevon mixing function) R/C system for airplanes. Controller/ESC Sky victory BLS25 Battery/11.1V –800-910mAh Lithium Polymer Battery Special lithium polymer battery charger.

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